Director of Engineering Operations and Culture

February 2023—Present
  • Technical Business Operations - Established and led a team of seven “Mini Chiefs of Staff”, business technologists tasked with supporting Engineering executives to improve the overall business operations and effectiveness of their department and the Engineering organization as a whole, through internal communication, data-driven decision-making, escalation-based initiative management, and strategic planning.
  • Operational excellence - Responsible for the smooth and efficient execution of vendor and budget management, workforce planning, and business operations for the entire Engineering organization. Streamlined processes and systems to reduce administrative friction and other “meta work” to improve the overall Hubber experience.
  • Organizational Health - Defined, shaped, and improved Engineering organizational health, culture, and values. Fostered diversity and engagement to create a safe and inclusive environment. Created the clarity and context necessary to ensure Hubbers within Engineering feel like they belong and can do their best and most productive work.
  • Communication - Set direction for and implemented organizational async communication patterns to significantly improve overall information discoverability for globally distributed teams, leveraging AI to increase the signal to noise ratio for developers. Limited disruption through empathetic change management.
  • Engineering Advocate - Served as “Engineering ombudsperson” discovering, capturing, and advancing the needs of engineers and engineering managers across the Engineering organization, driving organization-wide improvements and serving as a conduit for feedback to engineering leadership.
  • Automation - Championed the use of automation to reduce friction across the Engineering organization. Led the development of a suite of tools to automate common tasks such as internal communications, weekly reporting, headcount tracking, rhythm of business, and various cultural touchstones.

Chief of Staff, Security

July 2021—February 2023
  • Manage the office of the Chief Security Officer - Establishing, documenting, and maturing repeatable “rhythm of the bushiness” processes for critical business functions, ensuring the organization’s smooth operation, and managing internal, external, and executive communications.
  • Improve organization effectiveness - Improving the effectiveness of the Chief Security Officer, the organization’s leaders, and the business as a whole through establishing communication patterns and meeting cadence, and debugging inefficient systems and processes.
  • Portfolio management - Managing the Chief Security Officer’s portfolio of responsibilities through communication, coordination, and facilitation of in-flight efforts and identifying, analyzing, and mitigating ongoing program risk.
  • Strategy, planning, culture, and values - Shaping the organization’s vision, long-term plans, OKRs, and other far-reaching strategy documents; helping leaders carry out the organization’s vision and strategic intent; and establishing, shaping, debugging, and socializing, organizational culture, values, taste, and behavioral expectations.
  • Advisor and confidant - Serving as strategic advisor and counsel to the Chief Security Officer by deeply understanding issues, trends, and perspectives affecting the organization, its efforts, and its membership; delivering data-driven, concise, and persuasive recommendations that bring clarity and direction to drive execution; and attend meetings on behalf of the Chief Security Officer.
  • Relationship and brand management - Embodying transparency, predictability, consistency, clarity, thoughtfulness, sober execution and leading through persuasion and influence in such a way that the Chief Security Officer and Security Organization is seen as critical partners that increase the likelihood of an initiative’s success through their involvement.

Staff Technical Program Manager, Enterprise and Compliance

January 2021—July 2021
  • Lead organization-wide business readiness efforts for GitHub AE, GitHub’s managed enterprise SaaS offering ahead of general availability for customers in high-compliance industries.
  • Managed business functions across multiple releases of GitHub Enterprise Server, GitHub’s on-premises enterprise offering, introducing process maturity around reporting, risk management, release coordination, and cross-team communication to support subsequent release cycles.
  • As a founding member of GitHub’s Technical Program Management organization, developed a GitHub-based weekly program reporting process used by all program managers to regularly communicate program status, milestones, risks, and mitigations to company executives.
  • Oversaw the removal of third-party analytics cookies from all GitHub-owned domains, alleviating the need for non-essential cookie consent banners and allowing for greater privacy guarantees for customers.

Senior Product Manager, Trust and Safety

February 2016—January 2021
  • Responsible for the community, safety, privacy, product security, and platform health efforts of a software development platform with more than 50 million customers and 100 million projects.
  • Shipped more than 500 individual staff- and user-facing features and policies in support of community management, privacy, compliance, content moderation, account security, platform health, and open source workflows including site-wide Community Guidelines, enterprise-wide removal of third-party analytics, terms of service acceptance, DMCA takedown and abuse reporting, personal data portability, illegal content detection (PhotoDNA), role-based access controls, preventing namespace reuse, phishing-resistant 2FA, email privacy, digital legacy planning, intellectual property ownership, domain verification, comment edit history, code of conduct detection, minimized comments, time-limited blocks, and repository interaction limits.
  • Piloted Associate Product Management program to shape GitHub’s product culture and provide opportunities for product-minded thinkers inside the company an entry-level position with a defined promotional path to Product Manager.
  • Established Open Source Customer Advisory Board to bring together forward-thinking customers representing community projects, industry groups, corporate open source programs, and those typically underrepresented within the community to build a shared perspective on the future of open source software development and to facilitate an ongoing strategic conversation that drives product roadmaps.
  • Served as a member of the Technology Hiring Committee to improve GitHub’s hiring practices by ensuring interview processes were rigorous, unbiased, and consistent with the best practices of the organization with the goal of hiring the best candidate for each specific role.

Government Evangelist

March 2013—February 2016
Open source outreach
  • Lead the outreach efforts of the world’s largest software development network to encourage adoption of open source, open data, and open government philosophies across nearly 2,000 government organizations in over 75 countries, which resulted in an 8x increase in the number of government users on GitHub, a 9x increase in the number of government organizations on GitHub, and a 10x increase in the amount of revenue derived from government customers
  • Named one of the top 25 most influential people in government and technology, FedScoop’s Fed50 Disruptor of the Year, and winner of the Open Source People’s Choice Award.
  • Lead company-wide editorial and blogging efforts including blog post review, documentation, editorial calendar creation, and tooling.
  • Architected team-wide outreach strategy, analytics pipeline, and tooling to target and quantify organization’s outreach efforts.
Product management
  • Lead a bottom-up rewrite of GitHub Pages, GitHub’s documentation and static-site hosting service that hosts more than a million sites and serves more than a quarter of a million pages every minute.
  • Developed and integrated GeoJSON rendering and diffing into and GitHub Enterprise, empowering government agencies and civic hackers to publish more than half a million geospatial data sets.
  • Launched and maintained, a site dedicated to demystifying open source licensing for developers.
  • Developed and launched license detection API for detecting and verifying open source licenses across all GitHub-hosted projects.
Contracting and compliance
  • Secured GitHub’s first government reseller, resulting in listing on GSA IT Schedule 70, the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the US federal government.
  • Lead efforts to make GitHub Enterprise available to customers in AWS GovCloud, GitHub’s initial availability in a federally compliant (FedRAMP) cloud-hosting environment.
  • Regularly drafted, reviewed, and negotiated government contracts and terms of service.
  • Created and implemented US export control (ITAR and EAR) compliance policies, secured Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) from Department of Commerce, and implemented policy for customers’ OFAC compliance.

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Innovation Fellow

April 2012—January 2013
  • As member of inaugural class of high-profile White House initiative, served as entrepreneur in residence reimagining the role of technology in brokering the relationship between citizens and government while injecting a more startup-like culture within government.
  • Described by the US Chief Technology Officer as “the baddest of the badass innovators,” and by the White House Director of Digital Strategy as “lightning in a bottle”.
  • Within six months, saw four distinct open-source products from conception to production, including research, prototyping, usability, development, testing, and stakeholder outreach using then-atypical API-first architecture.
  • Ensured compliance with Privacy Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Federal Information Security Management Act including drafting of multiple formal notices on behalf of the government for publication in the Federal Register.

Fellow, Office of the US Chief Information Officer

January 2012—August 2012
  • Assisted with drafting, stakeholder outreach, and coordination of the release of the President’s Digital Government Strategy, a fundamental reimagination of the role of technology in the public sector
  • In response to presidential mandate requiring the release of open source software, coordinated and led negotiation of contract for code-sharing services including creation of records management plans under both the Federal Records and Presidential Records Acts
  • Briefed senior White House officials on legal implications and licensing consideration surrounding the creation of government-funded open-source software collaborations
  • Prepared US Chief Information Officer for public appearances including speech writing and messaging
  • Developed technical roadmap, prototyped, and implemented first-of-its-kind mechanism for agencies to report progress on the Digital Government Strategy

SoftWare Automation & Technology (SWAT) Team, Office of Administration

September 2011—January 2012
  • Created enterprise business solutions to automate and streamline business processes in support of the President of the United States as part of the White House’s first-ever agile software development team.
  • In close coordination with the Office of Federal Financial Management, lead development of prototypical government-wide, open-source classifieds system for sharing of federal real and other properties among executive agencies resulting in real saving of over $300 million, and projected savings of $2.5 billion.
  • Regularly met with and presented to C-level executives and key stakeholders to develop and support mission-critical applications including public data collection, White House comment line, goods and services tracking, and employee on-boarding and off-boarding.
  • Developed application to catalog blackberry SMS and PIN messages to aid E-Discovery team and assure compliance with Federal Records Act, Presidential Records Act, and Freedom of Information Act.
  • Assisted information assurance teams with application certification and accreditation.

Federal Communications Commission

New Media Fellow, Office of the Managing Director

May 2010—January 2012
  • Negotiated agency-wide, federal service agreements with the web’s top service providers including FISMA-compliant cloud hosting, social media, data manipulation, source code collaboration, and geospatial firms.
  • Drafted site privacy policy, comment moderation policy, third-party privacy notices, and API terms of service for agency’s reimagined web presence.
  • Created legal and technical roadmaps to ensure compliance of new media platforms with White House Office of Management and Budget memorandums M-10–22 and M-10–23 governing federal agencies’ use of site tracking technologies and third-party services.
  • Supported New Media Team’s procurement efforts, including scope of work, impact statement, and limited source justification drafting.
  • Received Superior Achievement Award for customer service, quality performance, and overall contribution to the agency mission.
  • Led adoption, implementation, and analysis of Google Analytics site visitor tracking statistics.
  • Developed more than 30 in-house software tools including open-source site auditing and site-mapping software instrumental to evaluation of online presence spanning more than 1.2 million pages.


The George Washington University Law School

Juris Doctorate
May 2013

The George Washington University School of Business

Master of Business Administration — Strategic Management and Public Policy
May 2013

The George Washington University

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
May 2009


Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Member, license 1021576

International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Level 3 (Advanced) Award in Wines

Regulatory Council of Jerez-Xérès Sherry Denomination of Origin

Certified Sherry Wine Specialist (CSWS) - Intermediate

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)

Open water diver