Advanced Workflow Management Tools for WP Document Revisions

Looking for even more advanced control of your workflow? WP Document Revisions gained a huge feature today with the addition of integrated support for the popular workflow plugin Edit Flow. Beginning with version 1.1, WP Document Revisions will detect Edit Flow, if installed, and will automatically pull Edit Flow’s advanced workflow management tools into the proven WP Document Revisions experience you already know and use. Specifically:

  • E-Mail Notifications and User Groups allow you to keep track of activity via e-mail and manage alerts based on existing teams. Subscribe individual users or entire groups to receive a document’s updates.
  • Custom Document Metadata allows organizations to store additional information alongside your documents in a sleek, intuitive manner. Supports a virtually unlimited number of checkboxes, dates, locations, text, users, and numeric fields.
  • Collaborative Team Chat allows users to comment on and discuss individual documents, pulling the conversation out of your inbox and back into your workflow.
  • Evolved Workflow State Integration allows for more granular control of Workflow states (“Document Status” in EditFlow parlance), including setting a document’s initial status and better integration with the native WordPress experience.
  • Advanced Snapshots of your team’s progress via filterable calendar and budget views. See all documents in a particular step in your workflow, in a particular category, in a particular week, or by a particular user.

Ideal for teams of any size looking to fine tune their WP Document Revisions experience without the hassle of coding a custom implementation, the addition of Edit Flow support offers a unique suite of powerful and intuitive workflow management tools right out of the box.

Want one feature but not another? Each can be individually enabled or disabled via Edit Flow’s settings panel. For more information, see the Edit Flow homepage or simply download and install the plugin to begin — no additional setup necessary.


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